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  Stellar Market Research
  Stellar is a full-service boutique market research agency providing expertise in qualitative and quantitative services in consumer B2B and stakeholder research.

We believe the value of any research project lies in first understanding the objectives in the context of the broad business framework and then the subsequent design and planning of the study to best meet the unique research problem. Having this foundation in place, we strive to deliver an end result that will make a meaningful and strategic contribution to the business and not just a simple account of "the world according to the consumer".

Our experience spans a broad range of industry sectors including automotive, banking and finance, MMCD, health and fitness, hospitality, pharmaceutical, retail, telecommunications, tourism and utilities.
  Based on your needs

We believe that every client has a business with a unique set of problems. Identifying the core marketing issue to be addressed is the first step in our process. We work closely with our clients to understand their business and what needs to be addressed through research.

With this in mind, we are able to recommend the most effective research design to deliver insights that make a difference.

A flexible approach

We look at every client as a unique case with a unique set of business needs. We recognise that off-the-shelf solutions may not be the best answer for your particular business issue.

Instead we take a "toolbox" mentality, drawing on the best quantitative and qualitative methodologies that align with your needs.

Qualitative Tools:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviewing
  • Mystery & accompanied shopping
  • Ethnographic studies

Quantitative Tools:

  • Online surveys
  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews)
  • Mail surveys
  • Intercept surveys

Qual/Quant Hybrid techniques:

  • Qualifying quantitative responses - just understanding a little the reasons driving behaviour, without going to a separate qualitative step.
  • Quantifying qualitative responses - a basic indicator of preference and interest.
  • Mail surveys
  • Intercept surveys

A full scale service

We provide full-service market research, meaning that we take care of our clients from briefing to final delivery, using our extensive network of sub-contractors where necessary to provide excellence in:

  • Focus group facilities
  • Quantitative fieldwork (face-to-face, online and CATI)
  • Data processing and coding
  • Specialist data analysis

All of our sub-contractors are fully accredited and follow best practice guidelines.

With on-going support

We don't believe our service to our clients stops with a powerpoint presentation. We provide on-going support to help our clients work with the insights in order to bring about business change.

We recognise that process of how to implement research is unique to each business, and our ability to do this is supported in a solid understanding of our clients' business and how it operates.

Based on your needs
A flexible approach
A full scale service
With on-going support
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